How's Topos' technology?

Topos' technology is developed and constantly improved to serve one goal: bring the most advanced digital banking solutions to the underserved, thus integrating them with the global financial ecosysyem.

Our agent banking platform can be easily integrated with existing financial infrastructure and deployed via a network of ultra-local agents to the furthest areas of any territory, even where there is no internet connection.

Thanks to our global settlement layer and a network of escrows disseminated around the world, Topos intercepts money remittances at the point of origin and credits them as savings for the beneficiaries.

Topos removes the financial barriers in local underserved communities and provides them the banking capabilities to turn international funds and remittances into structured and sustainable financial products.

Agent banking platform

Compliance ready technology easily integrated into any interbanking infrastructure

Hosting on-prem or on-cloud

Agency and sub agency network management

Multicurrency and FX management modules

Fully fledged banking offering: interest bearing savings account, checking accounts, collateralized and uncollateralized loans, CICO, payments

Credit scoring engines

Multichannel, native USSD protocol compatibility

Additional services can be built on top

Global Banking Core

Escrow accounts for off-shore collateralization

Collection of remittances and funds

Local disbursement management

Global risk assessment and management

Global analytics

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