The bank for one billion people

5 continents.
1 bank.

a first mover bank
in frontier markets

Topos builds financial infrastructure in frontier markets, giving one billion people access to fair and non-exploitative banking for the first time.

The bank for one billion people

Our mission

We build banks in countries where access to financial services sees a huge disparity between the privileged tiers of the population and underserved ones.

Our product

Agent banking platform

Bank-in-a-box technology for agent banking, compliance ready and with automated liquidity management and rebalancing processes to minimize systemic risks.

Full accessibility

Channel agnosticity by design. Compatible even with feature phones - no internet needed.

Deposit security

Deposits are 100% guaranteed, regardless of local central bank policies.

Fair access to credit

Either uncollateralized via behavioural risk assesment, or collateralized, via cross-border guarantors.

Bankers are your peers

A global network of trusted agents who bank their community members.

Funds disbursement

Funds and remittances are effortlessly disbursed even in the most underserved areas.

Our technology

Topos' technology is developed constantly improved to serve one goal: bring the most advanced digital banking solutions to the underserved, thus integrating them with the global financial ecosystem.

Discover our markets

Think globally, act locally - Topos is active on three continents.

How we grow globally

We establish ourselves in new markets following one of two business models:

Joint Venture

We bring Topos to a specific country in partnership with local stakeholders to leverage the knowledge of the market and maximize the potential of Topos' technology and its global resources.

White Label Licensing

We offer our Agent Banking Platform as a white label to existing financial institutions looking to bring their offering to a broader customer base or upsell international lending and remittances.

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This is us

Topos Network is a global enterprise leveraging technology to foster financial inclusion and resilience worldwide.

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